Step 1:

We receive the raw materials for our products from the best producers from all over the world. Strict guidelines regulate storing these raw materials before sending them and also the transport itself. As soon as the raw materials have arrived at our partner companies in the South of Germany, they undergo a quality check, and the raw materials are only released if they are fully compliant with the quality criteria.

Step 2:

Now it’s all about the right composition. High-precision gauges ensure that each formula is processed very accurately to ensure that the end result is completely in line with our guidelines.

Step 3:

The ingredients are mixed now, followed by further tests to be able to rule out any irregularities at any point in the process. Finally, mixing continues until all ingredients have formed a homogeneous mass.

Step 4:

The mass is now filled into capsules. We fill the capsules with exactly the amounts stated in the list of ingredients that you can see on the bottles and here on this web page. Through colour matching, we can establish any divergence from the test sample. Our quality control ensures that the batch is not released if there are any anomalies.

Step 5:

Our quality control regularly checks the capsules throughout the entire production process. We want to be absolutely certain that the quality of our products is consistent.

Step 6:

The capsules are now cleaned once more to rule out any potential impurities at the capsule shell. For further checks, randomly selected capsules are then sent to our quality control to carry out the final laboratory tests.

Step 7:

When all tests have produced positive results, the finished product is released, filled into bottles and sent to our logistics centre, our delivery hub for our customers all over Europe.