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BodyFokus ArthroForce Revital contains 19 valuable, well-established and innovative ingredients whose combination is made possible by using two forms of presentation (capsule and stick pack).

The stick pack, for example, contains manganese, calcium and magnesium that contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.» Read More

The capsule contains frankincense as an important plant-based raw material. The Egyptians already used frankincense around 7000 years ago, and Ayurveda has also been using frankincense extract for millennia. Boswellic acids contained herein are intensively researched and are the object of numerous studies.

Also included in ArthroForce Revital is the New Zealand green-lipped mussel from the family of common mussels. The African devil’s claw has a long tradition with indigenous populations in Africa, where it grows; and also with people in Europe.

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5 Reviews